VR Learning & Teaching Resources

What is EduVenture® VR?

By leveraging the 360-degree video capturing technology, EduVenture® VR (EV-VR) offers teachers a user-friendly platform to design and compose low-cost, interactive VR- and AR-based learning materials (namely VITALS: Virtual Immersive Teleporting Active Learning Space) for their students. In VITALS, teachers can not only display 360-degree panoramic outdoor videos to students, but they can also design and input various interactive teaching elements, such as MC questions, voice answers, portals and teleports, to strengthen students’ learning motivation. With their own smartphone (iOS or Android) and a VR cardboard, students can access the VITALS that immerses them in a virtual field trip.

Why Teach with EduVenture® VR?

EduVenture® VR is easy to use. Teachers can effortlessly embed their own teaching content into the virtual world, making the classroom activities more interesting and flexible, and stimulating students’ learning interest. Students can experience virtual field trips simply by using low-cost equipment, such as Google Cardboard. Field trips will no longer be subject to time and geographical restrictions as EV-VR is a good substitution for places which are difficult to reach, dangerous or even impossible to get to (e.g. overseas countries, volcanoes, outer space). For students with special educational needs, EV-VR is much more meaningful as it brings them more opportunities to understand the world, and the 360° images in virtual reality is more realistic than books and videos, which greatly enhances their learning effectiveness.

Classroom Application of EduVenture® VR in Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School

EduVenture® VR Demonstration

Students’ Feedback


“In this activity, the most interesting part is that we use our mobile phones to enter the magical VR world. Although it is not my first time to use VR goggles, I was still thrilled to watch the VR photos with my classmates. The most memorable thing is that we all laughed cheerfully. I have gained more understanding of the culture and religion of Southeast Asians, for instance, their eating habits, costumes, and belief culture. I have learned to respect and empathize other people, and appreciate their strengths.”

– Hui Chun Fung (Man Kiu College)


“I think the most interesting thing in this activity is to use VR goggles to take a glimpse into the lives of the ethnic minorities and their difficulties in living in Hong Kong. What impressed me is watching the scenes with the VR goggles as if I were there. I have learned about ethnic minorities and the proper attitude towards them. After this lesson, I understand that they should be treated with kindness and equality.”

– Lam Yick Yu (Man Kiu College)


“In the past few Life and Society lessons, I learned and understood other cultures and had a lot of fun because I could use my phone to watch VR pictures. Although there were some difficulties (for example, my phone could not show the VR pictures at the very first time and I got my nose hurt when I put the phone into the VR glasses), I enjoyed being with 1B and 1T. I have learned a lot about race and friendship. I really hope that there will be more activities of such kind in the future because it helps us to learn more about the reality. It also helps our classmates to bond together. I love having Life and Society classes.”

– Ann (Man Kiu College)